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56 • island
soup.” A huge kettle is set up over an open wood fire, holding a simmering,
smoky mélange of oxtail and vegetables. “While our Stone Age ancestors left no
cookbook behind to verify what I am saying, to me that soup tastes prehistoric,
what I would have eaten in my stylish cave a few thousand years ago,” quips Rona.
A meeting of the minds takes place throughout the evening at the social hub of
the event—the bar. Set up in the central courtyard area, it’s the scene of much
mingling within the interesting cross section of personalities attending the event.
For me, it is this social aspect, thriving in the surrealistic environment of the
night, that sets this art event far apart from a typical stuffy, champagne-and-caviar
gallery event.
More nighttime frolicking under the light of the moon is promised by Much’i Mondi, the
organizers of Translucent Moon (the event was produced with support from UNOCA). You
can follow Much’i Mondi, and all of their culturally and environmentally inspired projects
and events, on Facebook.
A R T I S A N ’ S WO R K S H O P