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A R T I S A N ’ S WO R K S H O P
his tune, from the Tin Pan Alley
era of music in the early 1900s, is frolicking in
my head as our photography crew navigates the
darkened streets of an area of the island called
Brasil, just on the outskirts of San Nicolas,
literally by the light of a full moon. Destination
unknown, sort of. We are on the lookout for an
abandoned school sandwiched within a maze of
unmarked tiny streets. The school is the location
for “Translucent Moon…Bedtime Stories,” a site-
specific multidisciplinary art exhibition held
under a—you guessed it—full moon. It’s the
third edition of this art series—always held under
the brilliant orb of night in a less-traveled outdoor
locale—and the first I have attended.
Creeping along the streets and comparing
notes with the Google Map coordinates posted
on Facebook, we know we are close when vehicles
turn the discreet neighborhood streets into an
anything-goes parking lot. The stress of squeezing
my car into a weeded patch of something is
“Place park, scene dark,
silvery moon is shining
through the trees;
Cast two, me, you,
sound of kisses floating
on the breeze.”
Lyrics from
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
by Edward Madden